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Small Business Benefit Solutions

Employers with as few as 3 employees and even Individual Corporations can take advantage of a Small Business Health Insurance Benefits Program. With BBD-Benefits By Design we can create a program, in collaboration with major insurers, which allows for plan design flexibility and customization to meet your corporate philosophy and objectives.

The Process for Employee Benefits

1. Strategic Discovery - Comprehensive assessment to determine your company and 

employee needs and goals.

2. Plan Analysis, Report, and Design - Customized report detailing how to maximize your 

benefits program and its cost-effectiveness.

3. Implementation - Solutions implemented and managed to ensure a smooth transition.

4. Communication - Education and materials provided to help your employees choose the right

 options for them and their families.

5. Ongoing Service and Support - As your specialist I am always here for you to answer any 

questions or concerns you have.



● An HSA is a Canada Revenue Agency approved method to provide medical, 

dental and vision benefits in a tax-efficient manner

● The corporation can write off 100% of the costs related to its HSA

● All expenses reimbursed are Tax Free to the employees



● The employee may claim for any medical expenses that are allowable under 

the Income Tax Act: click for CRA details

● This is a very wide range of services that include many items that are not typically 

allowed under a normal group benefits plan


● Plan Administrators and Employees have access to 24/7/365 Live Chat

● Administrator (HR person) & Employees have real time access to everything that occurs within their HSA

● There are no cheques and no Pre-Funding. myHSA works on Electronic Funds Transfer.

● Claims are done online (no paper) by employee through their own personalized dashboard.

● Apps available for iPAD, Android and iPhone devices

● 2-Day claim payment turnaround time

● NO Set-Up fees ● NO Monthly fees ● NO Fee for adding or deleting employees 

● The ONLY fee is a Percentage Admin Fee + provincial taxes on each claim

Including but not limited to:

Cost plan analysis and comparison

Evaluate funding alternatives

Plan design analysis

Cost containment strategies

Long-term benefits strategies

Personalized employee communication

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A financial plan needs information about your current financial situation. Start by gathering as much of your financial information as you can. Estimate anything you don't know, and update the figures later. To start with, you will need information on:


  • What you own (your assets) * Include big items like your home, car, recreation vehicles, savings and investments. * Look at documents like bank and investment statements, retirement savings, other pension papers, etc.  
  • What you owe (your debts or liabilities) * Include student loans, mortgages, car loans, consumer loans, credit cards and other loans or bills. * Look at mortgage documents, loan papers and credit card bills. 
  • What you make (your income) * Include your pay and other income. * Look at tax returns, pay stubs and investment statements. * Use your income before taxes and other deductions. Some deductions, like union dues or charitable donations, are expenses, while others, like pension contributions, become assets. 
  • What you spend (your expenses) * Include basics like food, shelter, clothing, utilities and car costs, as well as other expenses like eating out, insurance, health or dental bills, and money you donate.  *Start with your bills and receipts. For an accurate summary, use your bills and receipts together with a record of your spending to prepare a monthly budget  

To fully review your current situation, you will also need general information on wills, powers of attorney, income taxes and insurance policies. 

financial plans, avoid crowdfunding, debt reduction strategies, life insurance, Living insurance
financial plans, avoid crowdfunding, debt reduction strategies, life insurance, Living insurance