Online Calculators

Tired of looking up Financial resources and insurance resources and finding 10 different calculators for RSPs, RESP's, Debt, Insurance Needs, Budgets and the list goes on.  Stop the insanity book an appointment with me and I can help you navigate all the pieces to your financial puzzle. 

Simplified and Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance

Let's get you covered.  Have you wondered even with pre existing conditions what you would qualify for?  If you live in BC, with my quick and easy link you can find out in no time.  Your information is kept confidential, if you have any questions or concerns you can contact me.  I look forward to helping you find a solution that works best for you and your family. 

Comic Relief

A little tongue and cheek reasons for Life, Disability and Critical Illness Protection

Client Disclosure


Who I am

I am licensed for life and health insurance in the province of British Columbia. I specialize in family and business protection strategies involving life insurance, critical illness insurance, disability insurance and segregated investment funds. I use a needs process to combine these areas of expertise into a holistic approach designed to increase your protection, peace of mind and give you confidence in your family’s financial future.

What I Do  

I use only established, money product and life insurance suppliers including Assumption, Allianz TIC, BBD,Blue Cross, BMO Insurance, Canada Life, Canada Protection Plan, Desjardins, Destination Travel, Edge, Empire Life, Equitable Life, Foresters, Greenshield, Humania, Industrial Alliance, Ivari, La Capitale, Manulife, MYHSA, RBC Life, Specialty Life, SSQ, Sun Life, Tour MED, TUGO, World Nomads. The products I specialize in are life insurance, critical illness insurance, travel and disability insurance, as well as segregated funds, RESPs, and defined pensions. However, please ask me about related products such as long term care insurance.  For investment related products I will assess your risk tolerance using a risk tolerance questionnaire and for life insurance products I will assess your needs using a needs analysis questionnaire.

Privacy and Confidentiality. I do not sell your information and I do not share your information with any person outside of my organization, or with any company other than the companies that you sign applications and contracts with unless you give me written permission to do so or unless it is required by law. This information is used only for our work together and may be shared with suppliers and intermediaries. I only retain information necessary for me to stand by you and service the business you entrust to me.